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Swisswave Protocol in Flint, MI

Boost Blood Flow with the SwissWave Protocol in Flint, MI

As a person grows older, blood flow begins to decrease. At Imperial Wellness Center LLC, we use the SwissWave Protocol in Flint, MI, to help open up the blood vessels in the body and promote good blood flow. The waves also stimulate the creation of new blood vessels and increase healing. As an effective method of helping to boost sexual performance, men all over the world should try this new form of therapy, called acoustic wave therapy.

State-of-the-Art Treatment

The Swiss are known for their exact design specifications for the SwissWave Protocol machine. ED treatment using the device has to be within very precise guidelines to be effective. Our machine is made to specifications because we work with the company that manufactures the device in Switzerland. The SwissWave Protocol has helped many men in Europe for over 30 years gain back their virility and achieve maximum sexual performance.

Drug-Free Alternative

Some men do not benefit from taking ED drugs because of the harmful side effects. Therefore, as a drug-free alternative, the SwissWave Protocol is the best substitute for those who cannot take pills.

ED Treatment in Flint, MI

Safe and Effective

Of the men who have received this treatment, 80% saw improvement and were able to give up medication, and 90% saw an enhancement in sexual performance. In addition to being highly effective, the SwissWave protocol produces no harmful side effects. Additionally, it can be used safely on patients on dialysis and those with heart conditions or other health issues.

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