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Swisswave Protocol in Flint, MI

Effective Shockwave Therapy for ED

If you’re not experiencing peak performance with your partner, then there’s a solution for you. Imperial Wellness Center LLC offers non-invasive shockwave therapy for ED in Flint, MI. This pill-free alternative has worked to restore optimal performance for our patients. Occasional ED episodes are common due to lifestyle circumstances like stress, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, or hormonal changes. Our staff can advise you about how the procedure works so you can rest assured you’ll have the most comfortable experience possible.

Since erections rely on healthy blood flow, shockwave treatment targets ED related to a blood vessel disorder that affects the flow to that area's tissues. The therapy helps repair and strengthen the blood vessels in the penis. If you’re wondering about the specifics involved in this therapy, it consists of low-intensity sound waves passing through the erectile tissue. This clears plaque from blood vessels and encourages the growth of new blood vessels. The reason why it’s so popular is that it can reverse the damage, and it doesn’t involve any pharmaceuticals.

Take shockwave therapy into consideration as a sexual performance solution. Contact Imperial Wellness Center LLC to learn more about their ED treatments.