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Offering Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED in Flint, MI

If you don’t feel like you’re at peak performance with your partner, you’re not alone. Moreover, you don’t have to feel ashamed. Roughly 40% of men over the age of 40 experience sexual performance issues of some kind -- and at 65 years of age that number can grow as high as 70%. Fortunately, the dedicated team at the Imperial Wellness Center is here to help you restore your vitality.

Here at our men’s health clinic, we offer confidential acoustic wave therapy for ED in Flint, MI, using the Swiss Wave Protocol. This unique ED treatment has been studied, documented, and used successfully throughout Europe for over 30 years. It is noninvasive, pain-free, and a safe alternative solution for men who are unable to use traditional ED medications. See the difference our Swiss Wave Protocol treatment can have on the quality of your sex life.

Offering Cutting-Edge ED Treatment

Due to the aging process, the speed of blood flow begins to dwindle. We use our Swiss Wave Protocol machine to open up the body’s blood vessels, promote proper blood flow, and full functionality. In addition, the soft pulses of our equipment also stimulate the creation of new, healthy blood vessels and improve the body’s natural ability to heal. Our machine is made according to the original equipment manufacturer’s specification because we work closely with the company that produces the device in Switzerland. 

We understand that discussing ED treatment can be incredibly embarrassing. That’s why we staff our treatment center with men who are equally discrete and professional. We’re aware that not all men are alike, and neither is every issue. So, we make a point to develop treatment plants customized to address each patient’s health and desires. Improve your performance and improve your life with a visit to our clinic for our non-invasive ED treatment.

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Noninvasive ED Treatment in Ed Flint, MI

Ask About Your Payment Options

During your consultation, we’ll discuss your unique financing options and the potential for payment plans. However, we must assert that we aren’t accepting any insurance at this time. We know that some insurers offer patients reimbursements for ED treatment. If this is the case with your carrier, we can provide you with the necessary billing codes to submit to them. We do offer exclusive financing options with Advance Care Card and MyMedical Funding.

We’re committed to helping you take back that lost confidence and vitality. Let us offer you a safe and stress-free atmosphere in which to resolve your sexual health concerns, including those related to low testosterone. Your sexual health is our primary concern, and that is why we offer our clients a premium level of wellness care.

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Contact us for solutions to your sexual performance issues. We proudly serve patients in Flint, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

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